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Custom Packaging Design

The Walker Group has designed specialised protective and packaging solutions for safe, legal and cost-effective transport of a huge variety of goods for our customers. With a variety of methods at our disposal, including custom case designs, wooden and metal stand mounts, PVC protection and storage bags and bespoke skids and pallets. When your requirement is to protect your valuable and fragile product for domestic or international shipping, our team can assist you.

In-House Design Expertise

Our CAD team utilises 2D and 3D design tools, and years of management experience in custom design and industry best practise, to build your solution. As with all our services we always work in full co-operation with our customers, ensuring your needs are met with a cost effective, efficient and capable final product.

Environmentally Sound and Certified

As we are certified to both BSI ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, you can be assured of both a high-quality and environmentally responsible product when designing your solution with our team.

We have met testing and certification standards for our products throughout the aerospace, automotive and healthcare sectors. Any wood used in our cases or pallets is ISPM 15 certified for international shipment, and we can work with you to meet any other certification requirements you may have.

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