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Case Studies

Walkerpack have been able to use the skills and experience of our team to create custom solutions for the logistical, storage and packing requirements of many of our customers. Here are a few examples: -

Ford Component Sales

Ford Component Sales (FCS) is a division of Ford Motor Company, supplying Ford parts to third party manufacturers requiring genuine Ford quality in their products. This includes custom performance vehicle manufacturers, specialist vehicle manufacturers and motor sport teams. Walkerpack have been working with FCS for over five years.

Acting as the UK consolidator for FCS, Walkerpack act as a warehouse for parts delivered from suppliers worldwide, quality checking and then storing product. As required by FCS, we then custom pack and despatch the product direct to FCS customers. As part of this service we also produce kits of parts to supply alongside engines, shipped on bases designed and manufactured by Walkerpack.

In addition to the physical service, Walkerpack have also designed custom software to manage the services provided. As well as stock control, production planning and management services on site, this also provides a web portal for both FCS and their customers to view details and progress of their orders through a secure website.

Walkerpack have a long and mutually beneficial partnership with FCS, both assisting them in developing their business and also continually improving our processes to provide the best and most cost efficient service possible.

British Antarctic Survey

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) is responsible for conducting scientific research from several research stations in the British Antarctic Territory. Each year two vessels, the RRS James Clark Ross and RRS Ernest Shackleton, sail to these stations, carrying supplies and crews for the next summer season. Walkerpack have for over ten years provided a managed receiving, checking, packing and consolidation service for BAS each year, ensuring the required equipment arrives at the correct station, safely and efficiently packed and shipped on time.

Due to the nature of and remoteness of the stations in Antarctica, all supplies need to be taken in by the ships, including everything from heavy equipment (which Walkerpack pack in custom designed cases) to small personal items. In addition, all hazardous goods need to be packed in accordance with the IMDG code for shipment by sea, and Walkerpack supply trained staff for this service. All packing materials are chosen and designed for minimum environmental impact, and our environmental policies and accreditations are crucial to this process.

Walkerpack have custom software specifically designed for BAS, both for our own purposes in managing and processing the various received products on-site, and also supplied to BAS for their own use, producing documentation and providing daily updates of progress on receiving and packing goods. The system also allows management and tracking of the resolution of quantity and quality discrepancies with received product. Walkerpack's commitment to the highest quality is essential when there is no way of getting replacements to Antarctica should there be a problem!

As a prestigious and long-standing customer, Walkerpack look forward to continuing to develop our relationship with BAS for many more years.

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